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Welcome to our new website!!

This page has very little to do with me…Dr. Jim Bob…and way more to do with my amazing family and YOU.  My passion is in seeing you live out your purpose and walk in 100% of your potential.  Be that in health, in marriage, in business….wherever the Lord has you!  So this site will be filled with solid teaching on physiology and health…sprinkled with a peek into my awesome family and our journey the Lord has brought us on for the past few years.  He has taught us a ton in the process and we are honored to share that with you.  WOW!  I can’t believe you’re here.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and for you being here to take part in it.  Dig in on the blog or the videos right away and make sure and sign-up to get email notifications of anything that changes and happens either here on the site or as I travel and speak.  So glad you’re here….and remember… “LIFE is simple….but it’s not easy”  So let’s all get better…together.

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