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So many people are stuck in the rut and mindset that where they are now is as good as it gets.  Whether that is in their health, or their marriage, or their finances.  But they are wrong.  Maybe that’s you?  Maybe you have tried and tried to get better in an area of your life and it just never changed and you’ve given up?  Or you’ve settled for that diagnosis you got at your doc’s office.  Or you have settled for the debt you are in and have given up.  One of my sole reasons for breathing and the purpose of this entire site…are to equip you with knowledge and to remind you over and over again that you are capable of MORE than where and who you  are right now.  I know it seems overwhelming but the steps to a better life in every area are just one decision away and although they aren’t easy….they are very simple.  Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you find encouragement and info that helps you along your life’s journey.  Because life is too short to not become 100% of who you were meant to be.  You can do this.

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I had my surgery to repair the knee (an allograft procedure) on April 5th, 2017 and the doc had me stay in a wheelchair for almost 11 months to give the cadaver bone and cement time

Functional Fitness

One of the hardest things since the tumor shattered my leg over two years ago (crazy…feels like yesterday) is being partially functional and having people assume you have