Why Essential Oils??



 Why Essential Oils?!

Unless you have been living under a rock or frozen in ice for the past few years, then you know that Essential Oils are the biggest craze in the health and nutrition market.  Is it just a fad though?  I don’t know think so….not after really experiencing the power of what Essential Oils can do in the body.  I think that every single person should be using EOs for themselves so I’m going to give you my top reasons why that’s the case.

My passion is that you guys understand and learn that the Lord created you for perfect. He didn’t create you to have symptoms. He didn’t create you to have all these different diagnosed things. He created you for 100% function, 24/7, 365. So it’s important. And it’s important because it’s something that we forget and we think that all the stuff that happens to us is normal.

Essential Oils fit right into that passion like a lock and key because they can help the body do what it was created to do…BETTER.

And so one my favorite business coaches Darren Hardy he always closes out all of his calls  with, “Thanks for tuning into success and we hope that you either learned something new or learned something that you already knew better.” Well, that’s exactly these blogs and videos I do.  I want to know that you’re either learning something new or you’re coming back in and you’re picking up something that you already knew but you’re learning it a little bit better so that you can implement it and really use the knowledge and everything you’ve got.

So disclaimer, that’s really my disclaimer on the whole thing is – don’t believe a word I say, go look it up. And I really hope that the information literally inspires you because nothing that we’re going to go through in here is to diagnose anything you have or cure anything that you’ve got now or have in the past or anything like that. What we’re going to do is I’m going to teach you why essential oils are so effective, okay?

Top 10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils:


Now when we’re talking about essential oils and I’ll talk about a little bit more at the end, we’re talking about Young Living Essential Oils, that’s the brand that we recommend and carry in our office. If you recommend and carry a different one, then that is completely up to you, but I can’t speak to those and I’ll explain why. There’s one main reason why we stick with and use Young Living Essential Oils over every other company.


#1: Multiple applications and multiple ways to use them

Okay, so if you haven’t started using essential oils yet there’s several different ways you could do it. There’s three applications with Young Living, because Young Living has the highest quality grade essential oils on the market so you are able to utilize them in over ways besides just smell or topical.

Mother massaging her child’s foot, shallow focus

First one you can do topical application.  You take the essential oil of your choice and take a drop or two and directly apply it to your skin to help the body with function.

Now the rule of thumb if you are brand new to EOs is to DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE!!!  Some of the EOs can be warm to the skin (like Peppermint or Melrose) and putting them directly on the skin from the bottle might be too much for your system to take.  So you dilute an EO using a fatty carrier oil.  Most popular ones include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jajoba Oil…or another vegetable oil to make the oil not as possibly irritating.  Note that adding a carrier oil does NOT change the frequency of the oil (we’ll cover that in a second.

A good area to start with topically applying EOs in on the bottom of the feet.  The soles of the feet have thicker layers of skin to help be more protective.

Once you are used to the oil then apply it where you need it!  You can apply directly to an area that needs support….like joints and muscles post workout.  Or you can simply apply the oil to the feet or inside of the arms or legs to allow the body to experience the positive effects of that frequency.

Second use is Internally…

When you are adding Young Living Essential Oils to your water or tea or whatever drink you are drinking currently…just make sure you are using either glass or stainless steel.  EOs break down “petrochemicals” which are what make up plastics and styrofoam so they can break down the very cup you are drinking from!

Third application is Aromatic..

Aromatic application can  just literally be smelling it in straight from the bottle or off of your hands….which has huge therapeutic benefit to help increase function neurologically and to help the way that your emotions work, Or there are little things called diffusers that put the oil into the air and then your body, absorbs it through the vessel lining once you breathe it in. It’s incredible.

#2:  EOs Bypass Digestion

Now we just talked about the fact that you could take an essential oil and put it on topically, remember? Well if you put it on topically or you’re getting it aromatically… getting it aromatically like in a diffuser then those two types of applications get into the system and get into the body to help increase function without relying on your digestive tract.

So here’s the thing that makes that so important. Everyone….. I have not met one patient that comes in that doesn’t have some kind of digestive issues. Everyone of you on here,  your digestive system is not 100%. It’s just the way it is. You know this, I know this, it’s one of the systems that we support all the time to help people be out there. It’s true. It’s just the way it is.

And that’s for a lot of reasons. We talked about earlier our bodies are created for perfect but WE put ourselves into stressful situations, throughout our lives. I have four children and they’re not stress free. You know what I mean? And so if you increase stress you’re decreasing function in the digestive tract. It’s just the way that it is. So absorption doesn’t happen the same. So when you’re taking a supplement like fish oil unfortunately you don’t absorb all of it….neither do I.

Now is it important to keep taking them? Yes. Is it a hundred percent effective? No, it’s not a hundred percent effective. Even out of your diet if you eat really great and organic and blah, blah, blah all the time, is that better? Yes. Is it a hundred percent effective? No, because your gut can’t absorb it. So when you’re helping to increase function and to help your body work better when you’re using an oil that’s topical or aromatic, these oils get into the system.

#3: EOs are Fat Soluble

You’re ready? Number three, the 3rd reason why essential oils are fantabulous is they’re fat soluble, they’re fat soluble, okay? So what does that mean?

When you ever put an oil directly on your skin and rub it in….does it stay there or disappear?  As I rub the oil in on my skin, because on the edge of the layer of your skin there is a layer called the lipid bilayer in the skin.   There’s nothing left on the skin at all. Why? How does that do that? Does it just power its way in, it just goes right straight through these little doorways? No, that’s not it at all.

There’s a layer fat underneath, there’s a little layer here called the lipid bilayer.  And because these oils are fat soluble that fat goes and pulls the oil straight into your bloodstream. It pulls the oil straight into your system, and because the particles are so tiny they can get through the walls of the blood vessels, get into your system, and you can start enjoying the benefits of them right away, right away as you put them onto the skin. Bam, just like that, okay?  EASY PEASY!

#4:  EOs Cross the Blood/Brain Barrier

okay, number four, you ready? Number four is essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier. This is huge. I’m going to drop a mic on this one before I even talk about it. You ready? Bam. (You can’t see me so you have to trust me. ;)) Now what is the blood-brain barrier why does that even matter? Part of you guys are like, “Waa, waa, blood-brain barrier. Who cares, man?”

The blood-brain barrier is this protective layer of blood vessels that wrap around the nervous system and around the brain. The whole point of the blood-brain barrier is to keep out all of the negative things, keep all the toxins that are heavier and bigger particles usually out of the brain in the nervous system so that it doesn’t create damage. Genius. It’s this genius creational aspect of the way that your nervous system works so that it can protect itself.

Now there’s only a few things that can get through the blood-brain barrier and there’s some that are bad, there are some that are good. So on the bad side you got things like heavy metals, like mercury, lead and aluminum. Those things are heavy and they can blast their way through the blood-brain barrier and get in there which is not good. But on the good side, on the beneficial side, on the functional side,  essential oils can cross because they’re little ninjas and their particles are so small they can get through the actual vessel walls and get into the nervous system to increase function and to help with the different systems right away.

Now if for those of you who are more visual, the way that the blood-brain barrier works is….. picture the castles of old, okay? Picture the old school castles. And so if you’re a history buff like me and you are visual this is going to make sense to you. If you’re not and if you’re a green personality just don’t even read this right now.So the castles of old they were built in concentric rings, right? So in the old castles there was an outer wall with the big draw bridge over the moat and that’s where a lot of the guards are stationed in case of attack. So the outer walls are like your skin and stuff like that, your mucous membranes.

And so if it got attacked by an invading army most of the fighters would be repelled by the outer wall. But if they got into that first wall, what happens is the army that’s defending the castle would withdraw into the next level, shut the gates again, keep fighting and they would keep withdrawing all the way to the inside of the castle. So at the very end of the battle, the king and the king’s super ninjas are sitting in the tower that’s the very last layer of the castle. And so what was the purpose of that? The purpose was to give the army that was defending the castle a chance to weaken an invading army and make them weaker and weaker and weaker until by the time they got to the middle they better really, really, REALLY want that king.

So in your body the king is the nervous system. Your king is the brain and the nervous system. It’s very important. It’s way more important than your heart or any other organ. If your brain stops working everything stops because it’s the master control center. So the blood-brain barrier is that final layering, it’s that final wall that protects it from foreign invaders getting in. Like you can get stuff into your digestive system, you can get stuff in your skin, you can get all these things but it shouldn’t ever get to the brain because that’s where the king stays… Got it?

#5:  EOs work through Frequencies

Essential oils work off of frequencies. Alright, here’s how this works. This is not woohoo.  It’s not like that. Here’s how frequencies are:  Frequencies are vibrational harmonic frequencies that you can look up in physics, you can look this up online, and if you want to look up research the best place to do that is to go to here and you can research any of this information because that is a search site that pulls up only the peer-reviewed journal studies on all this different information. So that way you don’t get like blogs and websites and stuff like that.

Frequencies are found everywhere in the body.  Everything that’s alive has a specific frequency. Frequencies that are the exact same will harmonize and improve, or elevate each other. So here’s how essential oils work.  So these all are just concentrated plants, right? Well a plant is alive obviously, and so it has frequencies and each different frequency through science they’ve studied what different organ systems or different things that those frequencies help the most. So when you’re applying an essential oil on topically or if you’re doing one like a drop in the water, stuff like that, like a dietary oil, then what you’re looking at is you’re looking at a frequency of a plant that is affecting the body and helping with either an organ system or something else that’s going on.

So every different cell in the body has a frequency. If it’s dead there’s no frequency, like this mouse to the computer has no frequency because it’s dead space, right? This mic that I keep dropping has no frequency. My skin cells have frequency.  My eye, my liver, my muscles…they all have frequencies but they’re different frequencies. So the different frequencies of the oils can stimulate and help and improve function in different cells in the body. Does that make sense? You’ll see how that works.

#6:  EOs are Adaptogenic

The number six reason why I love essential oils and why you should too is that they are adaptogenic.

Adapto … what? Adapto … who?

Alright, what is that? Okay, talking about the frequencies, what adaptogenic means is that if I take a topical oil, and I’m putting it on topically this is where an oil will work one way for one person and differently for another. So sometimes oils will give you energy, sometimes oils will calm your system down depending on the oil you’re using. But the interesting thing is that sometimes a female can use one oil and it gives her energy and a guy can use it and it helps calm him down. Why is that?

Sometimes one person can use a specific oil because they love the way that it promotes function in one part of their body, but another person uses that exact same oil, the exact same frequency for a completely different system. Why? Why does that even work? That’s because they’re adaptogenic, because the oils themselves adapt and because of the frequency.  Because of the frequency and the way that the oils work then they can do different things for different people.

That’s why if you are new to essential oils, and you use an oil and you don’t get the effect that you’re looking for, like you’re like, “Ah, like I don’t really like that one. That one  didn’t really help me like I want.” Use a different one, like try a different oil. Because sometimes that oil won’t work the same way for you as someone else and that is totally okay. So they’re very individualistic which is really, really awesome.

#7:  Therapy Localization

Okay, now number seven. This one is really amazing. I’m going to take just a second on this.  Essential oils rock because of a little term that we in chiropractic and the natural health care called therapy localization. Okay, I’m going to geek out on a little neurology on you guys and I’m going to show you how this works because this is unbelievable, okay? You ready?

Alright, let’s say I’m going to support the thyroid organ and improve function, okay?  Okay, so with therapy localization, this is how this works, have you ever gone and sat down or you’ve been at church or even sitting somewhere at dinner and someone came up to you and they’re like, “Hey, man. How’s it going? It’s so good to see you.” And they touched you and all of a sudden you are like, “Ouch, my neck hurts. Why is my neck bothering me?” Or if someone shook your hand and they’re like, “Hey, it’s so good to see you.” And all of a sudden your forearm was bothering you and you’re like, “Why was that bothering me? What is it bothering me for?”

The reason that that happens is that there’s a neurological phenomenon in the body that’s called therapy localization. And what it means is when I, like me as a practitioner or you can do this to yourself or one of your family members when they hug you or when they come in and they touch and they pat you on the shoulder,  all of the neurology in the brain goes BAM and focuses right at the spot you are touching. It’s called therapy localization.  AMAZING RIGHT?!?

The brain goes, “Whoa, what’s going on with the shoulder? Why is he touching my shoulder?” And it starts to focus on that area, it brings more blood supply in that spot, it increases sensitivity to the nerve connections right at that spot. It starts to really do more work to improve circulation and help with function in this area.

Okay, so that can happen with anything, with massage, with you hugging someone at church or  a family member, which is why touch is so specific and it has to be intentional. And if you are not being intentional with the way that you’re touching people, then you could be hurting them because you’re either helping or not. Remember? Like in scripture it says you’re either bringing life or you’re not. You see what I’m saying? So you need to be really intentional about this.

So look what happens when you are using a topical oil on yourself like on an area of the body or on someone else. Did you think that it was like, “Oh, it just powers its way in. It goes right to the gland that you’re wanting to support?” No, did you think that just because like, “Oh, I want to support my elbow.” So you put an oil that’s topical over here and you rub it on, you’re like, boom, it just runs into it because it opens a couple of gates? No, that’s not what happens.

The way that it works is when you touch like your elbow let’s say, right, and we’re going to put a topical oil,  it doesn’t go straight through into the elbow. That doesn’t make sense and that’s not scientific. It activates the nervous system in that area. So it draws the circulation and it draws the oil that you just got into your circulation straight to that area so that the frequencies can work on an area specifically.

Now you’re ready for another fun fact on neurology? In every square inch of skin, watch this, this is unbelievable. Mic check, mic check, because Jesus is awesome. You’re ready for this? In each square inch of skin there are over 19,000, that’s right people. 19,000 nerve endings per square inch of skin. So on top of the fact that you’re using a frequency to help with a specific area, on top of the fact that someone’s touching you, you are stimulating even in a square inch 19,000. That’s right, Rachel. 19K, 19,000 nerve endings per square inch of skin.

So if someone tell me that you keep all of your oil in a square inch. No, no one does this. Like I don’t see you using Ortho Ease massage gel and go in,” Oh, only one square inch.” No, you don’t. You get it all over. So let’s say that you’re getting it on three, three square inches Three square inches is 57,000, three zeros, 57,000 nerve endings that you’re stimulating, that you’re activating, that you’re waking up with a different type of stimulation using essential oils and touch. Amazing, isn’t that amazing? Which is why touch is so show therapeutic and can if it’s used correctly can create so much health, okay?

#8:  EOs Clean Receptor Sites

Alright, so let’s talk about number eight.  Number eight reason why I love essential oils and why everyone on earth should be using essential oils is because – essential oils help to clean receptor sites in your nervous system.

Okay, so let’s talk about what this means.  Who in here reading this blog drives a car? Come on. I want some feedback. If you drive a car I want you to say me or raise your hand. Okay, y’all drive cars. Good, alright. How many of you guys drive a car that has a battery, that has cables attached to it? Ah, pretty much everyone, right?

So if you drive a car that has a battery that has battery cables to it, do you realize how sometimes, when you open the hood and check your oil and different things, how the attachment sites where those cables hook onto the battery, sometimes they get that corrosion around it?  Have you noticed how that works? Who’s seen that? Who’s seen build-up around the battery field? Huh?

Your nerves and the receptors at the end of the nerves that attach to your skin, or an organ work just like your battery cables. Now over normal use and normal life, normal function, daily function where those receptor sites touch they get corrosion on them. Just like your battery. There just gets to these, some stuff that gets stuck on there, and sometimes you don’t get the same connection you should. And you need better communication, better function in the nervous system where it connects to that cell.

So when you’re using essential oils, they are incredible at cleaning off the area where those nerves attach so that the communication from the brain, the communication from the nervous system at that level and the communication for the body can be perfect the way that it’s designed and the way that it’s created to be. Come on now. Is that not fantastic?

#9:  EOs are EASY and SAFE!

Alright, you guys ready? Number nine, we got two more, I want to finish this up for you. Number nine, essentials are easy and they’re safe to use. They’re very easy. We talked about the application, and they’re very safe to use.

Now a couple things on the safety, alright? A couple things on the safety is if you’re brand new to essential oils one of the things that you want to get very familiar with is using a carrier oil, because if you’re new to essential oils even though essential oils are awesomesauce, #awesomesauce, they improve function.

Did you know that there are over 100,000 deaths per year in the United States due to PROPERLY prescribed and used prescription medications?? TERRIBLE

How many deaths are there per year due to properly used essential oils???   ZERO….that’s right….NADA.  Big difference.

Now if a person has underlying neurological conditions, you want to make sure that you’ve seen your doctor and everything and that you know that you don’t have any underlying conditions that you need to take care of. Like you want to use your head. This is a common-sense game, right? Water, hydration is good. But essential oils, therapeutic grade essential oils which are from Young Living are completely safe and effective.

#10:  Everyone can and SHOULD use EOs

Number ten, last one I’m going to give you a last little tip and I’m going to let you guys go.  Number ten is that everyone can and should use them. There’s a way to use them for everyone and there’s an oil within Young Living for everybody. So for example not everyone likes Peppermint, okay, like not everyone likes Peppermint. That’s okay, alright? Not everyone likes Oola Fun, right? Like there’s so many different things that like people don’t use because they don’t like. There’s different products which I love and there’s different ways for everyone to use them, whether you apply a topical oil to your feet and whether you diffuse it in the air.

A lot of times I recommend for patients if they’re brand new and they’re going to use a topical or aromatic oil that you apply them, you put them in the diffuser, you start with that first, they’re using it very diluted so that that way the body can start to get used to it before you even start to apply them on topically. Do you see what I’m saying? Because it’s creating neurological change and you’re helping with function, but you want to make sure that a person’s body is even healthy enough to take something good. You see what I’m saying? Like it takes a lot of energy to process something really good, okay?

That’s why if someone goes and works out and they’re working out, that’s something really good, but their body’s not even healthy enough to take that then sometimes they have a harder time with it. So you just want to go slow, pick an application that works well for you, but everyone can and should be using them because they’re awesome.

Alright, now last thing this really does matter the most to me, okay? This is the thing that matters the most to me as a practitioner and it should really matter to you. This is the number one reason why we recommend and stick with Young Living Essential Oils only. And if you use another company that’s totally fine. I just can’t speak to it, alright?  THIS:


This – purity matters, okay? So in Young Living we have a process called seed to seal.  Here’s the thing – I want to know that if I’m going to use Peppermint essential oil that it is a hundred percent Peppermint and there’s no additives, there’s no chemicals, there’s no cutters, nothing else, there’s no fillers in this. I want to know that it is a hundred percent Peppermint.

Young Living has a process that takes control of the oil from the time the seed goes into the ground, from the time the oil goes onto your skin, and making sure that a hundred percent. If it’s not, that it’s not a hundred percent then the company takes that oil, puts it back in as fertilizer. They don’t even use it as product and they start over, okay? It is a huge process, it is a huge, huge benefit and it is the reason why we stick with Young Living Essential Oils and we have stuck with them over all these years, okay? And that’s it.

Alright, those are my top ten. You guys get all that? You guys take notes? These are the top reasons why I recommend that everyone use essential oils, why we use them on patients and I recommend them every single day and protocols, why we use them on our family. If you’re not using them on your kids you should. If you’re worried about them or you don’t understand how to use them, message me, I’ll give you resources. You can look online. There’s plenty of things that you can go look up. Life Science publishing is a great place to go look for different resources to help you in your journey as you learn about essential oils and you get better at it.But for kids there’s a line with Young Living that’s already diluted, you can start using those.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and continue to learn.  Good luck on your wellness journey as you start to incorporate Essential Oils from Young Living into it.  And remember:  “Health is Simple….It’s just not Easy!”

Dr. JB



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