Toxicity – Part 1

As humans, I find that it is inborn in us to try and figure out causes and reasons for why things happen and work to fix them.  Now I know that some personality types are more obsessed with this than others and will work way harder to find answers…but there isn’t a person I have ever met that when something was going wrong with them that they didn’t want to find answers.

Health is very much this way.

When someone’s health starts to fail or they are having symptoms in their body and they aren’t feeling like they know they should they (hopefully) begin to ask the golden question:


You SHOULD ask this question every time something starts to happen or not happen in your body or one of your family begins to develop symptoms.  I’ll talk really specifically about symptoms and why they are ultimately your friend in another post, but just know that your body is PERFECT and will never create a symptom randomly.

There will ALWAYS be a reason why your body begins to function improperly.

The problem, especially in America, is that depending on who you go ask your golden question to, you are going to get a hundred different answers as to why your particular symptoms are happening.  The focus of the professional or practitioner you go see or you contact is going to determine how they answer your question and determine what they recommend you do about it.

Being a Chiropractor and a nutrition & lifestyle specialist….my #1 goal and focus is FUNCTION.  I go back to the physiology of the body and the way it was created to function to figure out exactly what may be happening to cause the body to NOT do what it was originally created to do.  And there are always reasons.

I’m a simple guy and I’ve learned over the years of being in practice and traveling to speak to audiences all over the country, that people like simple.  So when we are talking about the things that will cause your body to NOT function correctly, there are only 2 possibilities: 

  1. Toxicity
  2. Deficiency

That’s it.  You are either toxic:  have things in the body or being exposed to that your body is not designed to handle and can’t process OR you are deficient and are not getting key nutrients the body must have to function.  If one of those two things or both begin to happen in you, then your body will begin to for symptoms to let you know something is up and isn’t working well.

In this post, let’s take apart and talk about the first offender:  Toxicity.

If someone was wanting to get healthier and help their body have the best chance it could have to function at it’s optimal point the best thing they can initially do is figure out where toxins are creeping into their environment, and get rid of them.

There are multiple ways we become toxic, but we are going to focus in this post on things you come in contact with every single day.

Household Cleaners and Personal Care Products

Most of the people I meet aren’t trying to put toxic waste on themselves and especially not on their kids and family.  Most of them have no idea that the thing they are using is causing major harm to their bodies.  Or even if they know it’s not the best choice they don’t understand how serious it is or that there are options for them.

Most of us use products to clean our home that are majorly toxic because it’s what we were taught by our own moms growing up.  Totally get it.  My mom loved certain products growing up that were way way toxic, but like I always say, once you know better, you can do better with your health and that of your family.

The average household contains 62 toxic chemicals just from cleaners and personal care products alone.  That’s a CRAZY number!!  So you work like mad to feed your family the best you can and you buy all this expensive organic food, and then they are exposed to that many toxic chemicals in your house every day.

That’s scary.

Experience Life magazine did a great article on this topic as well and listed out 8 of the top chemicals you will find in your products.  Go take a look at that HERE and then come back.

So that’s the major problem:  chemicals do 2 main things to the body;

  1. They mimic hormones in the body, like estrogen, and force your body to produce more of the hormone without having any control over it.
  2. They build up in the body and wreak havoc on your nervous system and your gut.

Not good!

So what should you do?  How do you know how bad the product is? 

First of all, now that we have Smart Phones (that make us all dumber…figure that one out. LOL) you can download the “Think Dirty” app.  With that app you can take pictures of specific products and it will give you a grade or score on how toxic they are and what types of chemicals are found in that particular product.  Super helpful and eye opening really.

Then once you identify where you are getting so many of the toxins, you need to find a replacement.

Focusing on cleaning your house, the number one product to help you clean your home without having any of the toxicities that we recommend is the Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate from Young Living.

This product will replace virtually every other cleaner in your home.  It will clean glass, porcelain, tile, wood, countertops….you name it, it does it.  And you can do it with the peace of mind that if your toddler comes behind you and licks the floor, it’s not going to harm them.

It also is going to save you some serious cash because you only need a cap full of this concentrate added to water to fill an entire cleaning spray bottle and be ready to rock.  So a single bottle of the cleaner will make around 30 spray bottles for you to use.  Win Win.

Thieves cleaner is infused with essential oils in it like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon to not only aid in cleaning, but help with the aroma in your home, again without any toxic chemicals.  To read more on why you need essential oils in your life go HERE.

This single change in a household can potentially change the health of generations of your family members by removing endocrine disrupters from you environment.  I can not stress enough how important this is!

Your Water

The second place we will talk about that you are exposed to the bulk of your toxins is your water.  Yeah I know…years ago when we started studying this we were shocked at what we found.

Tap water is absolutely FULL of toxins.  And for a lot of reasons.  From farming to water treatment facilities, to sewage from homes and how many medications people are on….it all gets into the water table and to your tap water.

Wondering what’s in there?  Dr. Group talks about 12 toxins found in drinking water HERE.

I also did a video on water HERE.

Scary and gross huh???

So what do you do?  In a word:  FILTRATION.

Everyone needs some sort of filtration system for their home.  There lots of different options but I will give you my 2 favorite:

  1. AquaOx Whole House Filtration
  • a)  This is the #1, best way to protect your family from the toxins coming into the home. The reason is because even if you buy all bottled water, or filter your drinking water, you miss all the toxins you are absorbing into your body when you bathe or shower.  You actually absorb WAY more toxins that way than drinking them.

This unit from AquaOx is the best on the market and is more affordable than most other whole house filtration systems.  It will run you about $3,000 compared to other companies at $6,000-8,000.00.

Check there filters out HERE and use the code “doctorjimbob” for free shipping and an additional $300 off!

  • b)  This unit is a more expensive fix, but is the very very best.  This unit from AquaOx is the best on the market and is more affordable than most other whole house filtration systems.  It will run you about $3,000 compared to other companies at $6,000-8,000.00.  Check there filters out HERE and use the code “doctorjimbob” for free shipping and an additional $300 off!

2.  Berkey Portable Filter

  • a) The second best option and a little more affordable as you are saving up for your AquaOx is to get a Berkey. These filters sit on your countertop and you fill them with the tap water and the filter takes out the toxins from your tap using gravity assisted filters.  They work great and have lots of different sizes to fit different families.  We have one for when we travel so that we don’t have to keep buying bottles and we can filter the hotel water.  Great idea if you rode-trip it much.  These filtration systems will run you anywhere from $250-1,000.00 depending on the size.  If you are interested in purchasing a Berkey email us HERE and we can get you options and pricing.

I did another video on both of these filtration options and talk with someone from AquaOx about how important their system is HERE.

I’ll do another post on personal care products for you, but this is a good start.  It makes no sense to change up your whole diet and buy expensive meat if you are going to keep putting toxins into your system from your cleaners and your water!

Make this important first step and I promise your health will make a quick turn for the better.

Dr. JB


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