Supplements I used in my rehab journey…

In the last blog post I talk about all of (or at least as many as I could remember) the therapies I have used and tried as I have repaired and gone through rehab after my injury and surgery on my leg.  If you missed that post, go HERE.

Like I said in the last post….just try and do anything and everything you can to help with the healing and function in your body to allow or help it to repair as quickly as possible.  This doesn’t apply the same in the way you should utilize or implement supplements to help you.  

At different stages in your recovery, the supplements that you may need will change.  Less is not necessarily more when it comes to supplementation….although more is not more either!

That sounds confusing and it really isn’t….well….it can be.  LOL. Ok, ok, let’s just go through different stages of healing and what I used on myself and some options for you.

After I shattered my leg, I had a full month before I had my surgery because it took them so long to get the cadaver femur shipped in to make my allograft with.  So in that amount of time, I used products to help with my immunity, and my circulation.  I also did a bunch of products to help with structural support.  

Here’s a short list of what I was on leading up to surgery:

  • Ningxia Red:  Huge antioxidant from Young Living and great for blood sugar
  • Collagen:  We used the powder from Vital Proteins brand.  Collagen is the building block of all soft tissue…so it was for the structure.
  • BLM:  A structural supporter from Young Living
  • Sulfurzyme:  This is a MSM supplement for liver support
  • Probiotics:  I usually took Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency. 
  • B Complex:  I took one that was specifically formulated for me, but there are several good brands like Designs for Health & Seeking Health and Super B from Young Living.

Just before surgery I went off of everything but the B Complex and a lower dose of Ningxia.  The B Complex was to help me make sure I was methylating my B Vitamins because if you have any issues with MTHFR (if you have no idea what that is then just keep scrolling…LOL) then you could have an issue processing anesthesia so that’s where the B Complex came in.  

Here’s what I was using post surgery:

  • Arnica Montana:  This is a homeopathic great for surgical healing and soft tissue
  • Ningxia:  Had to support my immune system
  • BLM:  joint and muscle
  • B Complex:  help with conversion and also my anxiety
  • Probiotics:  support my gut

At this point we started adding in more fermented foods and went to mainly protein and veggies…no gluten and pretty much no fruit or sugar at all.  

A couple weeks post surgery the doctor didn’t call in my refill on pain meds and valium that they had me on (long story) and I went through 2 weeks of hell getting off of those meds.  

Here’s what I did for that:

  • Gut Shots: this is a fermented drink product from Farmhouse Culture that is like Sauerkraut juice or fermented pickle or beet juice…minus the vegetable that has been fermented.  It was pretty much all I could get and keep down as I was detoxing off of the meds.  It was terrible.
  • B Complex:  Mental support was KEY
  • That was pretty much all I could do for a couple weeks.  I did some homeopathic, but that was it.  You just do what your body can handle.

Further into healing when I was back functioning as fully as I was able…then I really upped my supplement game.  

I added back all that I was doing pre-surgery but added in extra, plus I added what I am doing right now.

  • Fish Oil:  fats are necessary for all healing anything but especially soft tissue
  • MultiGreens:  Greens support from Young Living
    Several Structural supporters from Natures Sunshine
  • Probiotics:  gut is still a factor and huge for immune support 
  • Ningxia: antioxidants and blood sugar control
  • Enzymes:  both for meals and for soft tissue regulation
  • Vit D:  helps with thyroid support and for Calcium absorption which is huge for pain
  • CBD Oil:  I tried both Prime My Body and Hempworx…both helped some but not huge results.  Now I use Nature’s Ultra and have seen some pretty great pain reduction.  I use their heavy dose one though so it’s not cheap.
  • Sulfurzyme:  soft-tissue, liver, digestion…pretty much everything support Adaptogen Herbs for my Adrenals
  • Master Formula:  multi-vitamin
  • Agilease:  Joint support
  • Cardiogize:  Circulation
  • PowerGize:  Adrenals
  • BLM:  Bone, Ligament, Muscle support
  • Various Homeopathics:  I take quite a few homeopathic formulated for me specifically.

Some of the things change depending on how I am feeling and what I know I need to support.  This is why I teach you guys so much about learning the different systems in the body, even at their basic functional level, so that you can figure out the system you need support in.  That narrows down what you need to take so so much.

NOW…I take a ton of stuff, but what if someone is wanting to stick to a couple of things and only really do what they absolutely MUST have??  Well, here is my “Core 4” recommendation:

  • 1. Fish Oil
  • 2. Probiotics
  • 3. Vitamin D
  • 4. Greens Product:  for me I take MultiGreens, but there are others.

These 4 are absolutely necessary for optimal function, and then you can start to add other products in to support specific areas in the body if you need to or feel like you need that little extra punch.  

Hope that helps!

Dr. JB

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