Since When Did Disagreeing Become a Crime?!?

There have been some really awesome things come out of this season in the world.  Due to being quarantined and this “pandemic” that has shut down the globe….I’ve had some amazing time with my family.  We have been able to have serious intentional time together and make really good memories…

But we try to do that every day and during our normal schedule….because we CHOOSE to.  We aren’t forced into it and told we aren’t allowed to do anything else…

This quarantine season has become a very clear magnifier of people.  A lot like money.

You know….like when people make more money they just become more of who they already are.  If they were loving, generous people before they made their millions…they are more of that.  Likewise, if they were horrible people who didn’t care about people before…money doesn’t magically make them into amazing humans, they just become more selfish.  

This Covid-19 pandemic has done exactly that.

I see 4 groups of people right now:

1. The people who have been solid in their beliefs and understanding of the way their body works and who already thought for themselves….do more of that.   They are asking tons of questions and looking at what is truly going on and the 3rd and 4th degree ramifications of all that we are seeing happen right now politically and economically.

2. The people who have always let other people think for them and have generally lived their lives out of fear and avoiding things….do more of that.  They are terrified of a viral infection and scared of their neighbor and every sneeze and every shadow.

3. This group are the people who always thought and said that they were independent thinkers and everyone thought they were very solid in their identity and belief systems.  Then when this epidemic/pandemic/whateveritis-demic showed up and the media and government officials told them to panic…..they pretty much abandoned all of that and are now scared of every shadow and hang on ever word said on every news station.

4. The last group are the ones who were comfortable before all of this living in their bubble and letting the government and school and church think for them and the never really thought for themselves….and then this whatever-demic broke out and this group has for the first time said, “Wait a minute….that thing you just said doesn’t make sense to me…..and I don’t agree with that!”  They have begun to question people and maybe even speak out about it online or with their family and friends.  

I don’t know where you find yourself, but as human beings we are never stagnant.  If we think or feel like we are staying in one spot….we’re not.  Just like a boat with it’s motor turned off, you may think you are staying still but you are actually drifting along like crazy and if you don’t actively, consciously do something, you’ll get carried wherever the current or is going…

Most of us have probably been in one or two of these categories…

The trend that I have watched happen that more than disturbs me is this idea that someone disagreeing with you or having a differing opinion is wrong…or illegal….or….I don’t know.  Since when has it become completely acceptable as a society to shut down anyone who asks questions or thinks the opposite of you??  

Don’t get me wrong….I don’t like it when someone disagrees with me anymore than you do (especially my kids).  But I have learned more and grown more as a person because people have disagreed with me….WAY more.  

In fact, this principle is even true in bone formation.  Your bones grow longer/stronger/more dense because there is PRESSURE put on them and your muscles have PULLED on them in an opposite direction.   It’s the tension and discomfort from your muscles and tendons pulling AGAINST the bones that makes them stronger!!  

One of the founding principles and rights in a free society is freedom of thought and opinion.  Your opinion doesn’t have to be and very well may be wrong….but being able to voice that opinion is one factor that makes us FREE.   

So throughout this “pandemic” situation or any other one that are sure to come after this, if someone disagrees with you….instead of recoiling or blocking them on Facebook or reporting them to Instagram or avoiding them forever, maybe try thinking about it for a bit and digging a little deeper.  It doesn’t mean they’re right and you’re wrong.  It may serve to help you understand more of why you believe how you believe.  It also may show you a completely different idea you never considered.

It’s the struggle that makes us stronger…

Dr. JB

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