Q&a and Kick Off Call Replay


Pattie Wojo

Just feel the need to tell someone that I almost gave up today. Wanted ice cream and I don’t really even like ice cream. 😯
Day 30 on the #75hardchallenge.

Day 1 on the 21 Day Sugar Detox.
It’s 10 o’clock at night and I’m on the elliptical getting in my last 15 minutes of indoor exercise before drinking the last of my gallon of water.

I’ll probably regret this later, but here’s my 30 day before and after pic. I can kinda see a difference.

This body has birthed 9 babies and turns 56 tomorrow so be nice. 😉 Just kidding I know y’all are nice. 🤗

Raleah Harper

My Semi final results… {I’m not finished}
Starting March 3 – May 12
25.5 lbs 👇 {didn’t do my math right the other day saying 30 but my mindset is there +}
20.5 inches gone 💃🏻
-4.4% body fat!I’m not finished! ❤️😍
Thank you everyone for your support! I feel SO MUCH better that I ever have!
The difference this time is that we didn’t just “diet” We changed everything from the mind, heart & soul. Everything else came from there, the goals, will power & determination! If you fall, don’t stay down, get up & keep moving forward!
I have before and after pictures but they’re kind of personal so I’m not going to be posting them but I’ll see if I’ll find some I can post. 

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