The ingredients in Diaplex work together to support the healthy function of the pancreas, maintain the cardiovascular system, and assist in proper carbohydrates.





Producers state that the components found in Standard Process Diaplex work in this combination and sustain healthy functions of the pancreas while also maintaining proper fat and carbohydrate metabolism. More precisely, it contains chromium III and niacin that are two essential compounds of GTF (the abbreviation for Glucose Tolerance Factor), a complex responsible for insulin production. From a general perspective, GTF helps maintain the shape of insulin molecules which makes them effectively transport the glucose in the organism. Some studies showed that chromium and nicotinic acid interact in a synergistically and help with levels of sugar maintenance. Furthermore, the fat in the body is also in balance, particularly when the supplementation is made in the presence of a healthy diet. In the United States, dietary chromium intake is most of the times half of the suggested minimum intake and this shortfall is bigger due to environmental stressors. Glandulars contained by Standard Process Diaplex, like bovine pancreas Cytosol, bovine pancreas PMG, bovine liver fat extract, bovine liver, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, and bovine pituitary PMG extract allow organs to keep themselves healthy against the damage made by radicals providing organic-specific proteins. The Diaplex benefits are supported by consumer testimonials. The great majority of Diaplex reviews claim the formula is safe and effective, and works as advertised. The label dosage points out that the daily suggested intake is of two capsules, after meals and with water.


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