Men’s Hormones

Women and kids aren’t the only ones who need help with hormones! Men are experiencing horrible hormone imbalance and the results of low testosterone at an alarming rate.

Men are designed to NEED testosterone. We’re a simple bunch. 

Women are more intricate and fancy, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini…whereas men are more like the 78 Ford F250 I have in the driveway….simple and reliable IF they get what they need. 

Everything with men’s hormones comes down to how to help them naturally elevate testosterone while at the same time limit and reduce the things in their lives that will either elevate estrogen or lower testosterone…both creating the same effect.

 There are great supplements and herbs like Tribulus that can stimulate natural testosterone production and essential oils like Idaho Blue Spruce, BUT if you aren’t doing the things in this list…you aren’t going to see long-lasting results and with men, if it’s not working they won’t keep doing it. Keep it simple and effective and they’ll stick with it.

 Sugar and toxins are a huge piece to the puzzle. Combine the horrible diet of most men with the fact that so many men will eat all they want and then come home and sit on their rear and watch TV all evening and get no movement at all after being super stressed out all day at work….and no wonder they have low sex drive, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Their bodies are not functioning the way they were created to and they feel miserable!

– Increase your protein
– Reduce your sugar
– Get moving and push or pull some heavy stuff around
– Find some purpose in your life
– Surround yourself with men who make you want to be a better you.


Do those things for a few months and you won’t believe how amazing you can feel! 


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