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  1. Immune System part 1
  2. Immune System Part 2 - ImmuneBLOCKERS
  3. Emotions and Essential Oils
  4. What "Jersey" are you wearing??
  5. Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: Practical Application
  6. P.C.O.S: Causes and HOPE!
  7. Finding Joy in the Valley
  8. The 2 Types of Fear & How to Conquer them!
  9. Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory
  10. Why Essential Oils?!?
  11. Genetics: Curse or Choice??
  12. The Law of Reaping & Sowing
  13. Vitamins & Essential Oils are NOT Medications!!
  14. The Law of Focus
  15. The Story about SOY!
  16. Researching the Research
  17. How to know if you have Gallbladder issues
  18. Why Essential Oils?!?
  19. My Top 3 Reasons Breastfeeding is INCREDIBLE for your baby.
  20. Medical Care vs Holistic Care
  21. Toxic Home = Toxic FAMILY!!!
  22. Emotional Support with Essential Oils: Why I use them and YOU should too!
  23. The Physiology of Touch
  24. What are Symptoms??
  25. The Thyroid: What does it do??
  26. Power of a single thought: 3 Steps to realize EPIC change in your Life!
  27. Support your Thyroid!
  28. Anxiety: What is going on inside your brain?
  29. Essential Oils and the Bible: Can you love both??
  30. ALL of your story MATTERS: More of MY story....
  31. Supporting the Brain and calming your "Nerves".
  32. Get out of your Boat!!! Off of Matthew
  33. The Equation of PEACE!
  34. Hormone Production in the Body
  35. Estrogen! What does the hormone do?
  36. Hormone Support with Supplements and Essential Oils!
  37. Menopause: What is it? What is TRULY happening??
  38. Mindwise: Powerhouse Brain Support
  39. Persevere to find your PURPOSE!
  40. Hormone Imbalances and Problems in Kids and Teens!
  41. Grief_ Walking through it for yourself or with someone else
  42. It's time we learned to DREAM again
  43. Progessence Plus from Young Living!!
  44. Progesterone; What does this super important hormone do really??
  45. Blood Sugar PROBLEMS! What affects it and why is it important??
  46. Supporting Blood Sugar with Supplements and Essential Oils
  47. The 3 Steps to FORGIVENESS!
  48. Liver/Gallbladder Support with Supplements and Essential Oils!
  49. Gallbladder: Function and Problems and how to know.
  50. Is your LOGIC bigger than your FAITH
  51. Put OFF the old you and put ON the new you!
  52. Hormone support for MEN!
  53. Condemnation is NOT from the stop!!
  54. Ningxia Red! Top 4 Reasons why it is THEBOMB.COM!!!
  55. Gratitude is the gateway to JOY!
  56. Cleaning up your mess....never too late to start!
  57. Water Part 2_ Filtration options and solutions to a toxic problem!
  58. Water Part 1: What's the problem?
  59. Limbic System & Fight or Flight: How they work together..
  60. Everyday Toxins: Dryer Sheets and why you should NEVER use them again!
  61. Supporting the Gut Lining with Supplements and Essential Oils
  62. The Time for you to Train and get NOT when you're in the Battle!!
  63. "MTHFR" Basics
  64. Finding your Passion
  65. Essential Oils for Kids!
  66. Adrenal Glands and Immunity
  67. Choosing Where to Start!
  68. Seasonal Affective Disorder aka "SAD"
  69. When you feel like the Lord is NOT hearing your prayers....
  70. Mindset
  71. Cholesterol Myths & Natural Liver Support
  72. What system do you support first??
  73. Heart Disease: What really puts you at risk??
  74. Digestive System Function Basics (E.O.C live)
  75. Supporting the Digestive System with Essential Oils & Supplements! (E.O.C)
  76. Liver_Gallbladder Function. (E.O.C)
  77. Product Spotlight: Mindwise (EOC)
  78. Product Spotlight_ Multigreens (EOC)
  79. Liver:Gallbladder Part 2: Support with YL Products (EOC)
  80. Can you be Allergic to Essential Oils? (EOC)
  81. Essential Oils as a Chiropractor: Part 1
  82. Essential Oils as a Chiropractor: Part 2
  83. Essential Oils for Chiropractors PLUS how to market to Chiros.
  84. My review of the "What the Health" documentary
  85. Are our Essential Oils safe?? What the research shows... (EOC)
  86. Product Spotlight: Cortistop (EOC)
  87. "Pain is a privilege" and Leading with a Limp
  88. PH Search Avatar image What's Up with Gluten??
  89. Brain Health & Support
  90. All about SLEEP!
  91. Let's Talk MONEY!
  92. Thieves Household Cleaner....more than a game changer
  93. Building your wellness "Toolbox" (EOC)
  94. From Trauma to Freedom! One Veteran's journey through PTSD
  95. I want you on my TEAM!!
  96. Soft Tissue & Inflammation Support_ LT Team Training
  97. Ningxia Red
  98. Advancing your Health_ One System at a Time
  99. Start where you are and do what you can ��
  100. Changing Behaviors... The "Behavior Equation" bu BJ Fogg
  101. Using the "Behavior Equation" to STOP certain behaviors.
  102. When the "Appearance" of success becomes more important than actually BEING Successful
  103. Being realistic about what you will do to change.
  104. Behavior Analysis and making your new behavior "Tiny"
  105. The _Ability Chain_.
  106. Prompts_ How important are they and can we create them_
  107. Are you a _safe_ person in your relationship_ #communication #beasafespace
  108. Refining our Anchors to establish new habits. #tinyhabits #behavior
  109. Pearl Habits #tinyhabits
  110. How are your _Tiny Habits_ coming_ Sneak peek into ours here!
  111. Celebrating your Tiny Habits and small wins! #emotions #habits
  112. Emotions create habits... not repetition! #tinyhabits
  113. It's not about you (or me) and our choices matter.... #mondaythoughts #liveatlunch
  114. Finding your “What (or who) For” ����
  115. Emotions establish habits...NOT repetition. #tinyhabits #emotions
  116. Choosing your “Celebration” and why it might be hard for some people. ��
  117. Rehearsing your celebration... #tinyhabits #emotionscreatehabits
  118. The 5 Skills of Change #tinyhabits #changeyourhabits #changeyourlife
  119. Don’t wait to make memories.... do it NOW!
  120. Let’s talk about Journaling for stress relief during this crazy time!!
  121. 3 Stress & Immunity Tips PLUS a bonus surprise!
  122. Fear can be paralyzing so that's why we NEED to MOVE!!!
  123. my daily stress tip... Let’s chat about it...
  124. Get a plan... We don’t want to be the same people we started this as...
  125. Let’s talk about some brain exercises to help with stress.
  126. Protecting relationships during quarantine! #community #youcandothis
  127. How solid is your foundation_
  128. What’s your “Gap Plan” for your relationships-family during this time.webm
  129. Supporting YOU in times of Uncertainty - Barney Kuntze, Dr Jessica, Dr Jim Bob, & Tom Woloshyn
  130. There are only TWO reason why you will ever have symptoms and_or get sick..
  131. Let’s chat about cleansing and I’ll answer some questions
  132. Let's cover how to really know if something is legitimate info or not...
  133. Essential Oils and Kids!
  134. “Can’t you just fake it_”
  135. Changing our THOUGHTS to change our LIVES.
  136. A Vaxxine Conversation
  137. MY health is MY business and MY responsibility
  138. Chasing Zero
  139. Marriage Monday_ Co Dependency
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Menopause: What is it? What is TRULY happening??

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