Is this our “New Normal”?? Or…..??

Human beings as a general rule are….predictable.

Put people into a stressful situation and they will act the same way every single time.  And once you get to know certain people…you start to really understand and learn their coping mechanisms and you can pick them out of a crowd blindfolded. 

At the beginning of this whole “Quarantine” thing (quotations because, let’s face it…if this is truly a quarantine….it’s pathetic) people naturally freaked out.  They did some predictable things, like buying up all the meat at the grocery stores and prices drastically changing.  They also did some things that were more unexpected….like buying up ALL the TOILET PAPER.…  We will go down in history as the generation that didn’t buy up all the rice or beans….but the TOILET PAPER!!!!  Can you hear me screaming through the screen?!  LOL

After people have had time to gather their thoughts…or more accurately, veg out on all the “thoughts” from other people and “experts” on social media….they start to settle down and get their feet underneath them.  This is how whole new industries are created in fox holes and how new technology is created in prison….that kind of thing.  

Right now people all over the world have created new businesses, have found new purpose and drive and a need to teach or help (or rip off) people in a whole new way.  That’s one of the beauties of the human condition.  The need and the desire to create and to MATTER.  

All of these things are of course ways that people cope with the stress of being in the current situation…whatever that may be.  

There is another way people try to compensate and cope with where they are:  they try to make it “normal”.  

You see this anytime there is a tragedy:  

  • Parents lose a child like we did and the loss becomes their “new normal”
  • Someone has a massive accident and gets injured or crippled and they say that’s their “new normal”
  • New boss at work and things get hard becomes the “new normal”

And when it comes down to situations that are inescapable and there is no alternative….like death and loss of a loved one….this totally makes sense.

But when it comes to the un-constitutional restriction of American citizens from going about their daily lives (I get the risk, don’t start….but people are adults) and the complete destruction of the world’s economy over artificial statistics at best and fabricated stats at worst…’s NOT ok and more than that, it’s DANGEROUS.

This is NOT our new normal.  If it is for you then you may need to do some more digging and some more research.  

Giving up Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech and every other freedom that will start to be infringed upon in the coming weeks….is NOT a new normal…..EVER.

We need to remember to stay focused on separating protecting people from a virus and FREEDOM.  

Do we need to take steps to protect people from Covid-19….of course.  Are there risks….absolutely.  

But there are risks with everything, every single day.  

It’s not cause for trashing our freedoms.  

Dr. JB

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  1. Amen to this, Dr. JB! This is anything but normal and it’s crazy. I believe there is a larger agenda that we’re not seeing but we need to pay attention and stay informed.