The 6 Foundation Principles

Jim Bob Haggerton · November 15, 2021

These foundation principles are simple and very poweful that anyone can implement into your daily life immeditately to see real life long change.  The 6 foundation principles are Thinking, Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep.

They are called foundation principles for a reason, becuase when they aren’t in balance – your entire life and spin out of control.  It becomes easy to depend on stimulants, caffeine, sugar and highly processed carbohydrates that wind your body up with no real nourishment. 

This further causes your mind, body and soul to spiral out of control creating other challenging issues. 

Each principle will be taught in depth as a topic each week with multiple lessons, and 7 daily action steps that you can easily implement on a weekly basis for each Principle to really let these principles become a part of your being and LIFE. So you can truly Live In Full Expression to do all that you’ve been called to do, whatever purpose, mission, vision and legacy God has called you to live and walk out.

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