4 Things To To Right Now To Improve Your Digestion

In all my years of working with patients (18 years and counting!) one of the first areas I have always addressed with them is their gut health.

Call me a cheater I guess, but as a practitioner, I know that if I can improve someone’s gut I can help them improve the function of their entire body.


@drcindyh and Zi have also always been really big on adding in all the good instead of harping so much on the bad when it comes to diet. Why?? Because we have found that you get way better compliance when you don’t immediately rip away the soft drink or chocolate out of someone’s hand when you start to help them. Instead you add in things the body needs and they will get the changes they need anyway and then you can gradually work on getting more of the “bad” out as they start to see improvements. 


Probiotics are something you need to get both in the diet (fermented foods) and as a supplement. Everything in our modern culture kills off good bacteria so we need to add them in on the daily. I love Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency since it has a ton of strains AND it’s a vegetarian culture. But there are lots of great companies out there.


Taking enzymes is amazing and helpful no matter how clean you eat. I LOVE taking Essentialzyme from Young Living along with Detoxyme after each meal. This not only helps you break down your food to get more out of it but also helps with EVERY process in the body.

Movements is life and it is vital in helping with normal digestion and moving food through the pipe. If you deal with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) then movement has to be a part of your treatment regimen. It balances brain function!!



Stress management…..man what a beat down. Here’s the bottom line: Handle it or it will handle you. The higher your stress the less your gut functions. Lower your stress the better your gut functions….it’s all neurology. So figure out what helps you handle stress better (essential oils, yoga, prayer, journalling, etc) and be consistent!!



Hope that helps!!

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